Tuesday, 27 October 2009


Papadom, a must see movie.

Beshhhhh sangat....the story line was good, and it was funny too! Funny from start till da end & a little touching but still have good point for us to ponder.

So pergi cepat-cepat....rugi kalau tak tengok & m thinking to watch for the 2nd time hmmmm HARUS!!

Monday, 26 October 2009

Mixpod * Password???

I should change my music playlist. Somebody is remind me about this.."hello hari raya is over.."..haha i knew & realized but i forgot my password on mixpod. Im trying to recall please be patient will update wt a new songs later.

Anyway thanks...hahaha!!

BBQ - Hubby's Bday

♥♥Happy 37th Birthday to my lovely husban, partner & best fren.♥♥
♥♥Hubby's birthday party went off great even it was a small party which had been celebrated among our family members only.♥♥
♥♥Everybody really enjoying the barbeque....& theres a surprised blowing cake for hubby♥♥

Semoga dipanjangkn umur, diberi kesihatan yg baik, dipermudahkn segala urusan, murah rezeki & kekal bahagia..

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Open hse..

Everyone's must headache wt the traffic all around the way..(cause of OH). as usual when Raya's festive mth everybody very extremely busy wt invitation or organizing of OH. Me not excepting for being busy cooking for my guest during open hse this year. believe me im trying & at the end success done my dishes very well huhu **must proud of me k**

This time m just randomly picked ppl to invited but Alhamdulilah everything went well. The best things some of my old lost frens had coming & lepak sakan giler2...that day was a great day!! Thanks to all my guests who's coming & enjoying my food..Sedapp kn???

Raya's Pics

Holy Moly..we're still in a month of raya. Everybody updated their blog or FB wt their raya's pics..but me still not doing anything. I seriously doubt a how lazy I now & getting lazier by days..

Here's some pics from my raya's album. i've another 200++pcs pics not yet upload to the pc & m no idea when m gonna to do that so..

wt mak, adik, aiman syima qyra & echah...d pagi raya.!



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