Monday, 26 April 2010

Earth Day

Forty years after the first Earth Day, the world is in greater peril than ever.

while climate change is the greatest challenge of our time,

it also presents the greatest opportunity -

an unprecedented opportunity to build a healthy, prosperous,

clean energy economy.

now and for the future.

Let us join millions around the globe

to make the world cleaner and more sustainable.

Earth Day - April 2010.

Thursday, 22 April 2010


Get-together wif ex SMV SRT Setapak organized by Linda & Che'e.
Was held on 17/4/2010 at KLIH.
Sungguh meriah...after 21 years we meet again although only 42 ppl participated but its a gud sign for our next sess.

Havoc kecoh...macam-macam ada....

Nanie, Buyus & As....

We are so excited taken pics everywhere even at the stairs...i think it must be a lot of pics in one post...Jenuh tersenyum coz there are too many cameras..
Thanks for friendship & hopefully continue to remain.
Luv u all babe!!

Aiman's bday

Happy 4th Birthday to my nephew Aiman.

As usual every year they celebrated at McD's...d best place for kids.

Nampak tak anak dara ku Qyra...huhu bersemangat...dia mmg suka sgt join bday party.

Cute little Qaisara's enjoying to d fullest...

Music chairs games...

&...1st round Aiman's dah terkeluar tpi dia tak puashati melalak.....2nd round Qaisara punya turn pulak terkeluar menangis jugak...sungguh huru-hara games ni..

Wednesday, 14 April 2010


The best items of the month.... Yeayyy it's my new sunglasses fr Burberry..!!! Bought it at KLCC ..., after m looking for a several mths. Hehe suka sangat wokk.. I am indeed very choosy in selecting cases. Are happy to try & this the best. I doesnt like to wear sunglasses which are too large size face. Not suitable wif me... Preferences of all ppl is not same ya!!...... I so happy to be stylish wif my new sunglasses wohoooo....Jom Melaram hehehe..!!

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Buat apa tue....?

Cik Kak tgh buat apa tue....?? Klu dh pompuan mmg suka sgt everythings bout make-up...., pantang lepa make-up bag abis d godeknye. Inilah d antara aksi2 anak daraku...


Shouted Screaming...

Qyra lagi & lagi & everytime ade aje benda yg di buatnye.this time she pour a bottle of cloroxs into washing machine full of clothes.Can u imagine what will happen on all d clothes....Bertompok-tompok putih.and the most sad my new clothes were also affected!!

Its OK my little girl...dia dilindungi olehnye nasib baik di curahkan kedlm washing machine kalau lah dia minum....astaghfirullahulazim mintak di jauhkan.After the incident b more carefull....cloroxs and whatever yg acid poison etc put away to outside fr hse.
Be more precautionary.


Add Image

Teruja dengan advertisement Ariani Sale..

Aku menterjebakkan diri ke butik Ariani....dan bershopping!!

Entah jin apa yang merasuk....membeli jugak!!

It's OK stocks for future hehehe..dan utk membakar semangat membuat perubahan..!!

I'm back

Helllo everyone here..

Time flies.. I cant believe that we're in April 2010...

It has been mths since I last blogged. I missed blogging and writing down my thoughts...I hv been so occupied with my family & work task in workplace.

I will try to regularly post once again, at least to update my blog..


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