Friday, 31 July 2009

My skincare

Ohhh..woman, so many things we hv to invest!!..from top to toe and the most important thing is Skincare esp when ur getting older. Considering that i've tried so many products with little success.

After doing some research & suggested by frens, i try to use algotherm. Algotherm is a marine based line from France that utilizes seaweed extracts and other marine ingredients to help revitalize and nourish the skin. I do hv dark undereye circle & dry skin & to me algotherm really works!

but everytime when i bought this skin care my hubby were shouted "oiii..mahalnye, pakai bedak sejuk je la..!!"....i wont border i will stick wt this product no matter how...Peace to my HUBBY!

Thursday, 30 July 2009


Existing in facts I already put on weight about ++kg...always present in my mind that i must getting my figure back ouchhhh....

Diet + Slimming gel + dancing class + jogging +++ bla bla bla........

Today im starting my jogging session.. but the more i exercise the more i eat!! It's hard to change our eating habits! hehe camne nak kurus nie..!!

Monday, 27 July 2009


Kelakar giler..when i received an email from my old frens (Min & Sharida)..its about facebook. They asking me to teach them how to create facebook...hehe...and Min trying to searching my name from the facebook list tapi tak jumpa...according to her "yg keluar Haslinda yg dah kerepot semuanye.." kih kih kih,..i think she must forgotten my fullname laa.! Tk sangka teringin jugak korang ber-FACEBOOK.


Saturday, 25 July 2009

Love to be wt them..

Im so happy when day turning to friday, its means a lots to me. Time to catching all my childs at my mom's hse. This week me & hubs plan to hv more fun jalan-jalan around d kampung.
Here r some pics from our weekend...

and the next day evening we went to Hot Spring..rendam kaki!!

Cupcakes for my mom's belated birthday, nothing specials only my love & doa for her...


Wednesday, 22 July 2009


Looking for a new "selipar or sandal" which is comfy untuk jalan2 bersantai...

Hmmm...i got Pink Crocs...tapi my hubby not encourage me to use that coz nampak mcm kanak2 ribena, actually I pun jarang menggunakannya me Crocs not really comfortable ...but the colors very attractive, when u go into the shop..mmm boleh teruja jadinye!!

Searching punye searching colleague suggested me to buy a Crocodile sandal...mmg syok!..

Walaupun macam makcik2 sikit!!..yg penting selesa...& murah aje its only RM59.00.!!

Hakim - Kem Bina Semangat

Hakim's school is organized a Kem Bina Semangat (some thing like Motivation Camping) at Hulu Tamu Batang Kali. They started the camp from friday evening until Sunday.

Our family is so silenses without Hakim's,...everyone know that he likes to teasing other ppl esp Qyra. No shouting No crying for those three days...our hse is so aman damai... Here's some pics to share...Nice places, nice views, peacefull & the most important things udara yg segar, ada kabus lagi bukan haze like KL...
After arrived at hse Hakim's straight to his room..apalagi ganti masa "tido" yg tak cukup...
Hopely from this camp he gained a lots of knowledge & experiences.



MAK..ur birthday means so much to me

to have you in my life another year

the time i spent enfolded in your love

each day each moment wt you is so dear

I cherish the very special bond we have

You lift my spirit in so many ways

I celebrate your life, I honor you

and send for you my love and care and praise.


Blessed & guided by Allah always.


Saturday, 18 July 2009


Great news for all Red Devils' fans out there. MU is coming to Malaysia for a live match. The match to be played on July 18th at Std bukit Jalil, will see the red devil play against the Malaysia team. Huh!!

Lucky of me I got a VIP's ticket for this great match. My HR's dept have 4 Vip tickets to give away and as usual they doing balloting system....

Huhuhu...and i am the one of the winner.
Actually im not the drop dead lets just give this to my hubby to enjoying this live match.


Wednesday, 15 July 2009


♥ Good life

♥ Loving husband

♥ Darling Hafiz, Hakim, Aisyah & Qyra

♥ Loving family & caring friends

♥ Good health

♥ My Job & the freedom it gives to me

♥ Everything I own

♥ Strength


Wednesday, 8 July 2009

@ adidas

Yeah!..Here is my working place.One of the sports brand company.

I've been here for almost 13 yrs...without regrettable!
The great working place indeed.

My sourcing team, they're only three of us. The best team ever, we sharing & enjoying everything at every moments. Thanks babe for being a part of my life.



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