Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Kids Spa

Hellooopp.....Yeahhhh!!! some one told me bout one of the famous Spa in town.....& its for our little darlings. Its for Kids....for sure my dotters will extremely happy when they know bout tis.., coz we had tried to find everywhere... at last they can chill out and be pampered in Feffy's Kids Spa located at Solaris Mont Kiara.

So guys check it out!!!

Gila bayang

wa sudah gila bayanggggg.....jatuh cinta dengan Ducati Monster teramat sangat...
huhu semenjak join in Naza.
Stim beb kalau dengar bunyi enjinnya.....fuhhhhhhhhh
my first aim in 2011 ....harus dapatkn B full dulu...sekarang tgh dok belajaq ride moto besar...kalau stakat moto kapcai mmg lar terror leh cilok lagi tpi klu cc besar tak brani lar lg.
Meleleh tgk Jaclyn ride dia nya Monster..sgt cunnn!!!!..esp when she's wearing her riding suit ++ helmet..gorgeous sgt!!!
Wa sgt gila bayang....huhu!!


Wooohoooo...lamanya tidak menjengah di sini...& hopefully its not too late for me to wish everyone here Happy New 2011.."eventhough we are in Feb kekekekkeke.."

2011 ... I'm changing a lot in my life.. New career New Enviroment & new new interesting...

2010...left me wif the sweet & sour memories...May 2011 bring us joy , happiness & Love. Insyallah!!

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Salam AidilFitri


I hope that is still not too late to wish everyone here "Selamat Hari Raya AidilFitri.."

Time is so limited makes me not able to write in this blog. Syawal for this time like no other means for me & family. For the first time we celebrate raya without arwah abah. Al-Fatihah!! May Allah give us a strength to get through the days ahead.

Have a blessed Syawal everyone. Maaf Zahir & Batin....

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

10 Mlm Terakhir

Kini kita di 10 Malam Terakhir Ramadhan. Sedihnya kerna Ramadhan telah hampir ke penghujungnya.....
Sgt hiba kerna Ramadhan kali ini tanpa Abah....,
Moga kita dpt mempertingkatkn lg amalan di malam - malam terakhir ini.

~ Linda_Saiful ~

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Happy Birthday Hanis Qaisara. Born on 10th Aug 2006.
This year no party no birthday bash for her. Kerna smuanya dlm kemurungan + sedih.
Qyra celebrated her b'day after 6 days my late father leave us to meet his creator.
Tpi.... tetap ada b'day cake for her.

Happy 4th Bday my Sweetie Qyra. We love u so muchhh..!!
& Al-Fatihah to Arwah Atuk..!!

~ Linda_Saiful ~

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Ramadhan tiba lg..

Salam Ramadhan. Terlalu cepat masa berlalu kita telah di hari kesembilan berpuasa. Ramadhan kali ini adalah Ramadhan yg paling sedih buat aku sekeluarga kerna Ayahanda yg tercinta telah pergi di jemput oleh Ilahi. Pd 04/08/2010 jam 10.34 pg arwah Abah pergi dgn tenang. Hanya tuhan saja yg tahu bagaimana perasaan aku ketika itu..... terlalu sedih, takut kehilangan dan mcm2 lagi. Namun ajal & maut tiada siapa yg dapat menghalang. Terpaksa redha dgn ketentuannya...., moga arwah di tempatkn bersama para Syuhada.
Kini aku benar-benar rasa kehilangan, tiada lagi insan bernama Abah... Kini terpisah jauh! Setiap saat arwah Abah sentiasa di ingatan.... Dan doa untuknya tidak pernah putus. Al- Fatihah buat Abah yg tercinta. Kasih Sayang mu adalah harta yang terindah.

~ Linda_Saiful ~

Monday, 28 June 2010


Exhausted..!! My day are full wt activities. Yesterday nite we went back late after watching KarateKid at TGV KLCC it's almost 2.30 am arrived at home. Wake up early morning to prepare d breakfast, went to Tesco for the grocerries. Cooked for lunch and until I didn't realize that clock show at 2pm. In hurry to send my dotter to swimming class.... then at 6pm ready to Elyn's dotter bday party @ PJ. Huhu What a day... really tired!!

Nite for relax, watching Ger vs Eng... of coz I am supporter of Germany bcos they're wearing an adidas jerseys. Looks cool !!
... and our TV was conquer by Eng fans.... It's really funny when saw them dissapointed wif Eng..., wasting ur voices to shouted but till end ur loose!!
Go GERMaNy Go!!!

- Linda_Saiful -

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Dinner Velodrom

Having dinner wif my schoolmates at Velodrom Cheras.., sound weird huh!.. actually this is my 1st time been here. The places was so crowded allocate in food court area + nite Market. Even the parking lot so terrible.., my car was stucked & blocked by someone stupid....
Neway we really had a great & fun dinner..., meet together gossipping, reminising old stories. Noriah my schoolmates fr Sabah came to KL for attended her convocation day & we take this opportunity to met together. After 20 yrs she's still d same Noriah. I really missing my school times, frens.... alhamdulillah in this ages we meet back & hope will meet others who still dissapear.

Ojie.., hobby menggelakkn org..!

inilah Cikgu Noriah...

Ezleen & Cikgu Linda...

Jumpa lg..!!

- Linda_Saiful -

Monday, 21 June 2010

Little touch

Assalamualaikum everyone!!
Today m so happy when my little girl Qaisara showing her cute drawing to me. I was so surprised and had no idea that she could make a gud colouring wif gud imaginations.
Cayang anak Ibu!!....
**Ayah ketawa terkekek kekek when saw this pic..**


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