Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Kids Spa

Hellooopp.....Yeahhhh!!! some one told me bout one of the famous Spa in town.....& its for our little darlings. Its for Kids....for sure my dotters will extremely happy when they know bout tis.., coz we had tried to find everywhere... at last they can chill out and be pampered in Feffy's Kids Spa located at Solaris Mont Kiara.

So guys check it out!!!

Gila bayang

wa sudah gila bayanggggg.....jatuh cinta dengan Ducati Monster teramat sangat...
huhu semenjak join in Naza.
Stim beb kalau dengar bunyi enjinnya.....fuhhhhhhhhh
my first aim in 2011 ....harus dapatkn B full dulu...sekarang tgh dok belajaq ride moto besar...kalau stakat moto kapcai mmg lar terror leh cilok lagi tpi klu cc besar tak brani lar lg.
Meleleh tgk Jaclyn ride dia nya Monster..sgt cunnn!!!!..esp when she's wearing her riding suit ++ helmet..gorgeous sgt!!!
Wa sgt gila bayang....huhu!!


Wooohoooo...lamanya tidak menjengah di sini...& hopefully its not too late for me to wish everyone here Happy New 2011.."eventhough we are in Feb kekekekkeke.."

2011 ... I'm changing a lot in my life.. New career New Enviroment & new new interesting...

2010...left me wif the sweet & sour memories...May 2011 bring us joy , happiness & Love. Insyallah!!


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