Monday, 31 August 2009

Bunga Api

Tiap kali ramadhan..budak2 ni mcm dh set kt mind dorang kena beli bunga api..Dah dok merengek rengek nak main bunga api...Suddenly my mom kluar kan stok tahun lepas yg masih elok di simpan..tapi rasenye macam dah masuk angin kot...Tapi cuba bakar sebtg OK la pulak..apalagi riang ria lah si Aisyah & Qyra.Hubby pon melayan la bunga api bersama Aisyah & Qyra, yg dua bujang lagi dh lesap terawih di surau.

Tapi mmg tiada rase kemeriahan tanpa bunga api + mercun..cuma jangan lah yg melampau-lampau bunyi nye..tau2 dh putus je jari.

first day main bunga api

second day...


to all frens & readers

Selamat Menyambut hari Kemerdekaan Yg ke 52.

Kekalkan kemakmuran & keharmonian negara kita yg tercinta..

Friday, 28 August 2009

♥♥Sheila Oh Sheila♥♥

Telling about Sheila Majid..i am one of her die hard fans since started to knowing her when my bro bought her first album...from that everyday im listening to her songs..did u remember this lyrics "Suatu petang ku berjalan pemuda menegurku lalu memberiku satu nota rahsia........"

Do a paper cutting on everything regarding about her and keep it in a books, sticks on a is feel me thinkin' back reminiscing on my teenagers times.
When i was studying at SMV Setapak, my best fren Nanie same goes wt me giler bangat wt Sheila Majid..Nanie had personnel collection pictures of Sheila Majid & she sticks on her text books..hehe giler2 punye suka. One day, one of her lovely pics of Sheila Majid had stolen by someone siap nangis macam mati laki..its was so funny!!

Just names a songs of Sheila Majid...any songs..kitorg siap hafal tak payahlah nak kencing,OK!
After get married im just as a cool fans...huhu but you wont believe cos my hubby alwiz trying to love SM just bcos of me..hehe ..

I really loved her songs, voice & her beb! Sheila already in her position as a diva on her era's 80-90's. NObody can deny & replace her as a Ratu Jazz..Believes me!!

Luv u Sheila..

Rinduuuu nyer..♪♪♪♪♪♪♪

Rinduuuu nyee...tempat kerja ku, PC ku, measurement tape ku...

Rinduuuu di waktu breakfast & tea time..

Rinduuuu nyee...Lunch time di shopping complex MV, 1U, KLCC, BV...

Rinduuuu nyee...magazines of the month..,,berlambak2 tak payah beli pon!!

Rinduuuu nyee...sudah seminggu aku bercuti.., tak sabar menunggu hari Isnin hehe.!!

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Influenza A+ve

Hakim was diagnosed with Influenza A+ after Dr took the nose swab & the blood test on Sunday midnite. Immediately they admitted my son to the isolation ward. Another case Influenza in my family after Aisyah.

The best things is just leave it to Dr for what to do & what treatment do he should long my son back to normal. Not too worried coz we hv an experiences on Aisyah's not less than 1 day.

If there is no fever, it shows the body has won over the virus and Hakim is Influenza A-free after three days on medical treatment & continue the medicine another 2 days at home. Alhamdulillah Hakims kembali sihat & discharged fr AP (but actually he wish to stay there for one more day...kihkihkih suka sgt stay kat hospital..). As a precaution - 1 week home quarantine which we are doing right now.

Pediatric Ward - Room 602
its was at emergency rooms
nebulizer because of coughing.
Hafiz eldest of MU
complaining about lunch..makan je la!!
hei...we both are free fr Influenza A

To frens out there..always wear mask to twart off H1N1 virus or prevent yourself from spreading "any viruses"...

Thanks for all the prayers and wishes...

Sunday, 23 August 2009

I luv Gucci

Browse the official Gucci website to discover latest styles and trends....
Black color patent leather yang ini sangat elegant...

tetapi tertarik juga dengan off-white leather yang ini...
yang mana satu yer...??
hehe macam lah banyak sangat duit...tau tak PRICE $$$ nye..??!!

Sukey ku ini masih baru....
ini lah handbag kesayangan ku..
walaupun mempunyai koleksi handbag yg lain
tetapi yang ini tetap menjadi pujaan hatiku...

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Me Exhausted

Today I'm mentally exhausted
from Sahur until nite my day has been busy wt so many things.
Add Image

I'm tired all day but I can't sleep at nite..
it takes a while for me to get to sleep

Thinking of tomorrow..
retail theraphy is the best formula for me to get back to normal
PAVILLION + KLCC here i come.

Friday, 21 August 2009

Demam oh demam..

While, when everyone's busy preparing for celebrating coming Ramadhan im busy wt taking care of my sick childrens. It's has began on Wednesday when my mom's calling told me that aisyah still on hi-fever since Monday. Oh God!...H1N1???..Panic...after working hrs i went straight to picked up my aisyah's fr my mom's hse...sending to clinic. Taken "ubat buntut" coz fever nearly to 40C..

On nite Hakim's started to get sick when he vomit a few times..huhu what a diseases that attack them?

Wake up early morning send Aisyah's to Ampang Puteri direct to an emergency rooms..she has been warded..but we needs to waited about 7 hrs to transfer to the room. There's a lots of sicks ppls out there and we need to queue for the roomss..

After settle on aisyah's part i when back home and took hakim to clinic....Syukur alhamdulillah on nite he getting better...another called fr mom' eldest son's pulak yang demam...and after that Qyra's turn...but luckily 3 of them just got a fever for a few hours only.

Beginning Ramadhan this year really make a cool challenging for me..grateful to Allah swt they've been back to normal.

Ramadhan tiba lagi.♥♥

To all Friends & Readers
Selamat Menjalani Ibadah di bulan PUASA.
Sama-sama kita lipat gandakan amalan di bulan Ramadhan kali ini seumpama Ramadhan yang terakhir buat kita....Insyallah!!
Have a Blessed Ramadhan.

Monday, 10 August 2009

Happy Bday little Qyra's.

My Little Qyra's turned to 3. She was born on 10 August 2006 @ Gleneagles Intan Hosp.KL. Time really flew much faster than i could imagine... She's a big girl now.

Some pics during cake cutting on her bday, celebrate wt family members @ mom's hse.

"You are a gift of peace and tranquility in my life. I love you and cherish you and treasure you and wish a blessed & guided by Allah always."Happy Birthday HONEY..Ibu lovess u so much!


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