Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Hakim - Kem Bina Semangat

Hakim's school is organized a Kem Bina Semangat (some thing like Motivation Camping) at Hulu Tamu Batang Kali. They started the camp from friday evening until Sunday.

Our family is so silenses without Hakim's,...everyone know that he likes to teasing other ppl esp Qyra. No shouting No crying for those three days...our hse is so aman damai... Here's some pics to share...Nice places, nice views, peacefull & the most important things udara yg segar, ada kabus lagi bukan haze like KL...
After arrived at hse Hakim's straight to his room..apalagi ganti masa "tido" yg tak cukup...
Hopely from this camp he gained a lots of knowledge & experiences.


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