Friday, 4 September 2009

Ular Sawa misbehaving..

Today morning there's a scene infront of my neighbour hse...awal pagi apalah yg dok kecoh2..Coinciden my hubby at outside to start his car engine ~ dh bersiap to ofis. Suddenly my hubby shouted & calling me to out... berlari mak bedah aku!!

Ramainye la yg berdiri kat area luar pagar..ular sawa 2mtrs lenght was in our neighbour hse. Sangat terkejut, how can this habitat can be misbehaving. Huru hara jadinye...they had called bomba to rescue..sgt professional although 2 of them are girls......tapi pandai gak ular tu pilih umah kan kan kan!!

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