Thursday, 24 June 2010

Dinner Velodrom

Having dinner wif my schoolmates at Velodrom Cheras.., sound weird huh!.. actually this is my 1st time been here. The places was so crowded allocate in food court area + nite Market. Even the parking lot so terrible.., my car was stucked & blocked by someone stupid....
Neway we really had a great & fun dinner..., meet together gossipping, reminising old stories. Noriah my schoolmates fr Sabah came to KL for attended her convocation day & we take this opportunity to met together. After 20 yrs she's still d same Noriah. I really missing my school times, frens.... alhamdulillah in this ages we meet back & hope will meet others who still dissapear.

Ojie.., hobby menggelakkn org..!

inilah Cikgu Noriah...

Ezleen & Cikgu Linda...

Jumpa lg..!!

- Linda_Saiful -

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