Monday, 28 June 2010


Exhausted..!! My day are full wt activities. Yesterday nite we went back late after watching KarateKid at TGV KLCC it's almost 2.30 am arrived at home. Wake up early morning to prepare d breakfast, went to Tesco for the grocerries. Cooked for lunch and until I didn't realize that clock show at 2pm. In hurry to send my dotter to swimming class.... then at 6pm ready to Elyn's dotter bday party @ PJ. Huhu What a day... really tired!!

Nite for relax, watching Ger vs Eng... of coz I am supporter of Germany bcos they're wearing an adidas jerseys. Looks cool !!
... and our TV was conquer by Eng fans.... It's really funny when saw them dissapointed wif Eng..., wasting ur voices to shouted but till end ur loose!!
Go GERMaNy Go!!!

- Linda_Saiful -

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