Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Short, Sweet & Superb.

On 18th April 2009, me & Rohayati successfull organized a GET TOGETHER wt our ex-schoolmates.That day I had the pleasure of getting together with some old friends. Although its only a small reunion & involved only 12 ppls but it was fun & great. We having our lunch at Holiday Villa,Subang. I'm so excited to see my long lost friend, and they has suddenly reappeared after so many years. Totally all of them has changed mentally & physically (esp Nanie..) but still wants to get back in touch, reminis on old times, hang out again like before..haha!!I enjoyed our get-together and hopefully, I will get in touch also with those who failed to join us.

LOVE all of u...Muahhhhh!!

Nik Sheela teman sebilik, jiran sebelah katil, tiap2 mlm kitorg conquer kipas.
Rohayati aka Pempeng
NoorAzurawaty - dulu2 kecik molek je.
Sariah aka Azie Sumpit huh Minah Rock!!
Zuriyana - Ketua Asrama yg di gantung jawatan akibat bersekongkol dgn kump budak jahat hehe..
Noraziah aka Azie Burn.
- dulu baik giler ala ala budak surau.
Rohani also known as Nanie.
Yusnita Nasir - suka ragging freshie.

& Marzidah


  1. love 2 c all together again...hope i can join nxt year... itupun klu ada jemputan lar...

  2. huhu..sapak ni ??..letak la nama beb!!



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