Wednesday, 24 June 2009


It was raining. Leaving office at 6.30pm i thought the traffics will be more smoothly..huh rupa-rupanye TIDAK!!...the whole KL was stucked. I could not believe that I would need to jam on a stupid traffic jam from the road on my company until the MRR2 road entrance . I was stucked about 40MINUTES there , and it really stressfull. What is more pissing me off is every car keep "potong/cut" lane , making the damm traffic damm jam.I start to realize and notice there are too many irresponsible drivers . M so unlucky coz m was driving to the office today..sepatutnye i should ask my chouffeur to send me!!...tak pe la nak buat camne layan aje la!!..Its so tired luckily i can surfing internet fr my hp..apalagi terus updating my status, check the notifications..hmmm whats else???..
At last i arrived safely @ home at 8.15pm..
Take a bath..lepas ni cari makan.

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