Friday, 28 August 2009

♥♥Sheila Oh Sheila♥♥

Telling about Sheila Majid..i am one of her die hard fans since started to knowing her when my bro bought her first album...from that everyday im listening to her songs..did u remember this lyrics "Suatu petang ku berjalan pemuda menegurku lalu memberiku satu nota rahsia........"

Do a paper cutting on everything regarding about her and keep it in a books, sticks on a is feel me thinkin' back reminiscing on my teenagers times.
When i was studying at SMV Setapak, my best fren Nanie same goes wt me giler bangat wt Sheila Majid..Nanie had personnel collection pictures of Sheila Majid & she sticks on her text books..hehe giler2 punye suka. One day, one of her lovely pics of Sheila Majid had stolen by someone siap nangis macam mati laki..its was so funny!!

Just names a songs of Sheila Majid...any songs..kitorg siap hafal tak payahlah nak kencing,OK!
After get married im just as a cool fans...huhu but you wont believe cos my hubby alwiz trying to love SM just bcos of me..hehe ..

I really loved her songs, voice & her beb! Sheila already in her position as a diva on her era's 80-90's. NObody can deny & replace her as a Ratu Jazz..Believes me!!

Luv u Sheila..


  1. ha ha ya la linda.. pengemis muda tu nostalgia la.. masa sekolah semua ikut sm , rambut, seluar , hair band....respect to see how she transform kan...



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