Thursday, 27 August 2009

Influenza A+ve

Hakim was diagnosed with Influenza A+ after Dr took the nose swab & the blood test on Sunday midnite. Immediately they admitted my son to the isolation ward. Another case Influenza in my family after Aisyah.

The best things is just leave it to Dr for what to do & what treatment do he should long my son back to normal. Not too worried coz we hv an experiences on Aisyah's not less than 1 day.

If there is no fever, it shows the body has won over the virus and Hakim is Influenza A-free after three days on medical treatment & continue the medicine another 2 days at home. Alhamdulillah Hakims kembali sihat & discharged fr AP (but actually he wish to stay there for one more day...kihkihkih suka sgt stay kat hospital..). As a precaution - 1 week home quarantine which we are doing right now.

Pediatric Ward - Room 602
its was at emergency rooms
nebulizer because of coughing.
Hafiz eldest of MU
complaining about lunch..makan je la!!
hei...we both are free fr Influenza A

To frens out there..always wear mask to twart off H1N1 virus or prevent yourself from spreading "any viruses"...

Thanks for all the prayers and wishes...


  1. alhamdulillah Hakim dan uols semua dah sembuh.

  2. tks, u take care k..
    i like ur blog very interesting..



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