Friday, 21 August 2009

Demam oh demam..

While, when everyone's busy preparing for celebrating coming Ramadhan im busy wt taking care of my sick childrens. It's has began on Wednesday when my mom's calling told me that aisyah still on hi-fever since Monday. Oh God!...H1N1???..Panic...after working hrs i went straight to picked up my aisyah's fr my mom's hse...sending to clinic. Taken "ubat buntut" coz fever nearly to 40C..

On nite Hakim's started to get sick when he vomit a few times..huhu what a diseases that attack them?

Wake up early morning send Aisyah's to Ampang Puteri direct to an emergency rooms..she has been warded..but we needs to waited about 7 hrs to transfer to the room. There's a lots of sicks ppls out there and we need to queue for the roomss..

After settle on aisyah's part i when back home and took hakim to clinic....Syukur alhamdulillah on nite he getting better...another called fr mom' eldest son's pulak yang demam...and after that Qyra's turn...but luckily 3 of them just got a fever for a few hours only.

Beginning Ramadhan this year really make a cool challenging for me..grateful to Allah swt they've been back to normal.

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